The National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Spoon

I’m long overdue for some spoon posts and have a backlog of awesome pieces people have thoughtfully given to me in the past few months.

Let’s start start with the most recent: this delightful little fish-topped souvenir came in the mail this week from @caseyengels! It’s from the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum in Hayward, Wisconsin and the little green thing in the shield of the spoon is the actual museum: it’s called the “Shrine to Anglers” — a giant structure in the shape of a muskellunge (or “musky”). The museum is four stories tall, half a city block long, and its open jaws hold an observation deck.

After reading up about this place, I’m hooked! I think I’d reel-y like to have the oppor-tuna-ty to sea this museum in perch-son.

(I’ll be here all night! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!)

Day 266 – The Herbert Hoover Spoon

We took a bit of a break to celebrate the end of summer, but we’re back, with quite possibly the weirdest amalgam of spoon features I’ve ever seen. 

At the top of the spoon there’s a portrait of our 31st President, Herbert Hoover, glaring down at me. Just below the portait is a bright, cheery blue charm in the shape of Iowa, where Hoover was born, with the state flower and bird (the prairie rose and the American Goldfinch). The bowl of the spoon is engraved with a few trees, a pig, and Iowa’s motto: Tall Corn State. 

The contrast of the Great Depression-era portait and the Sanrio-like charm gives this spoon an “F” for design, but an “A+” for hilarity.