Day 211 – The Twin Spoons of Firenze and Pisa

My friend Kate spends a lot of time in Italy, and because I ask nicely, she brings back a spoon or two from each trip.

Last month, she brought back the spoon on the left, from Florence. It looked familiar, so I dug through my spoon collection and found one she brought back years ago from Pisa (right).

Sure enough, they’re the same spoon, with different badges at the top of the handle. The Pisa spoon also has a lovely engraving of its famous leaning tower in the bowl.

Day 177 – The Firenze Scoop

You remember my friend Kate, right? The one who is responsible for almost all of the Italy spoons in my collection? Well, this one time, she got totally drunk in Italy and went to a souvenir shop in Florence and said (in a very bad Italian accent) “Please to give me your BEST Firenze a-Scoop-a!” 

And they did. And it’s wee and ceramic and has a tiny painting of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (or “Il Duomo” as the kids call it) in the bowl. 

Because Brunelleschi!