Day 186 – The Drumheller, Alberta Spoon

Today, we celebrate the Canadian province of Alberta, known for its rugged mountains and many fossil discoveries.

The spoon I’ve chosen to represent Alberta is, of course, the Drumheller spoon. This little town about an hour northeast of Calgary was named after its founder, Captain Samuel Drumheller, who purchased land there in 1910. 

But what Drumheller is most famous for is the World’s Largest Dinosaur. It stands at 86 feet tall and weighs over 145,000 pounds. For $4.00, you can climb the 106 stairs up into her (yes, she’s a she, apparently) gaping jaws and get an amazing view of the Badlands.

She looks so tiny on the spoon. I think it might be time for a road trip to visit in person!

Day 166 – The Calgary Zoo Spoon

Who has the coolest zoo in North America? Calgary, hands down. I can’t think of any other zoo that also has a prehistoric park, but Alberta is a fitting place, since so many well-preserved fossils have been found here. One more reason to love Canada.

Day 136 – The Courtesy Corner Spoon

I’ll admit, I didn’t have a lot of time to research this one today, but I didn’t come up with much. Sure looks like it’s in the shape of Alberta, Canada, but the only “Courtesy Corner” I could find was a gas station with a teepee in the town of Rycroft. Anyone else know where this might be from?