Day 198 – The Happiest Place on Earth Spoon

July 17, 1955 was the grand opening of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. And it’s kind of surprising they’re still in business after such a disasterous first day. 

The Disney Company had sent out special passes for opening day, but unfortunately someone counterfeited them and the park ended up with thousands more visitors than expected. They ran out of food and drinks, there was a gas leak in Frontierland, the asphalt on Main Street wasn’t dry yet, and the Storybook Land Boats broke down and cast members in rubber boots had to pull them through the canals. 
This spoon (a twin design of the Walt Disney World Spoon from Day 103) isn’t from opening day, but it’s now a relic of another time, since Disney no longer sells spoons at the park. 

Day 168 – The San Diego Zoo Spoon

I’m finishing off a week of zoo spoons with yet another zoo I’ve never been to: The San Diego Zoo. 

In 1999, a female giant panda named Hua Mei was born at the zoo. In 2004, she became the first giant panda cub to survive to adulthood in the United States. She was promptly shipped off to China, where she has since had 10 babies, including 3 sets of twins.