Day 217 – The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Spoon

Today’s spoon is a souvenir of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. 

My mother-in-law, Margie, picked this spoon, and dictated the post to me as follows:

“Oh! The Coronation! We had to watch this on TV, and it was in black and white on a 6 inch screen, I think—When did TV come out?—and there was a magnifying glass on it so you could see better. And if your TV didn’t work you had to go down to the TV store and get a tube and then you’d replace the tube. But to get back to the spoon, it was really amazing to watch her and her gown was beautiful and her frickin robe with all the crap was amazing and I probably just wanted to be outside playing. Anyway, she should step down, she’s old. But I guess if Charles was my son I wouldn’t want him ruling either.”

Day 216 – The Queen Mum Spoon

My mother-in-law is staying with me, which is awesome, because I’m quite tired of writing about spoons and she said she’d help.

Today’s spoon celebrates the Queen Mum’s 100th birthday, which was on August 4, 2000. I handed the spoon to Margie and told her to feel it, but don’t look at what it was.

She described the spoon thusly: “It’s got a lump in the bowl. How the heck am I supposed to eat with this?”

Day 161 – The Exmoor Zoo Spoon

The Exmoor Zoo opened on a small farm in north Devon, in the southwest part of England in 1982. Originally known as “The Exmoor Bird Gardens,” they changed their name to “The Exmoor Animal and Bird Gardens” in 1995 and then “Exmoor Zoological Park” in 1997. It is now simply known as “Exmoor Zoo.”

This souvenir spoon from the zoo was probably manufactured in the last 20 years, given the shortened version of the name that appears under the profile of a parrot.

It’s quite possible that this spoon is haunted by the spirits of the zoo’s ten Humbolt Penguins—Buster, Newquay, Ludo, Percy, Lemmy, Truddle, Owlie, Blossom, Friendly and Arthur—all of whom died of avian malaria last fall. Rest in piece, little waddlers.