Day 214 – The Tiny Sea Lion Caves Fork and Spoon

The best summer vacations I can remember were spent at Neskowin on the Oregon coast. My parents and all of their friends would gather every summer (or at least it seemed like every summer) and there would be eating, swimming, sand castle building, mini golf on the beach, whiffle ball tournaments, and birthday celebrations. All the adults drank fancy cocktails and everyone was happy.

At some point on each trip, we would go to the Pixie Kitchen for dinner, Yachats for agate collecting, and Sea Lion Caves to see the sea lions. 

One one of those trips (I’m gonna guess 1978), I picked up this tiny fork and spoon set from the tacky little gift shop at Sea Lion Caves. 

Day 162 – The Wildliff (Wildlife) Safari Spoon

Continuing with the theme of spoons from zoos around the world, here’s one from the Wildliff Safari in Winston, Oregon. 

Until I found this spoon, I was unaware that there was a Winston, Oregon. Google tells me it’s just south of Roseburg and has a population of about 5,000. 

Researching the Wildliff Safari has been a bit more difficult, though. Google keeps telling me that I must mean “WildLIFE Safari,” which is a drive-through wildlife park with a world reknowned cheetah breeding program. 

No, Google. Look at the spoon. It’s WildLIFF Safari and I’d appreciate it if you’d improve your search resulffs.