Day 217 – The Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Spoon

Today’s spoon is a souvenir of Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. 

My mother-in-law, Margie, picked this spoon, and dictated the post to me as follows:

“Oh! The Coronation! We had to watch this on TV, and it was in black and white on a 6 inch screen, I think—When did TV come out?—and there was a magnifying glass on it so you could see better. And if your TV didn’t work you had to go down to the TV store and get a tube and then you’d replace the tube. But to get back to the spoon, it was really amazing to watch her and her gown was beautiful and her frickin robe with all the crap was amazing and I probably just wanted to be outside playing. Anyway, she should step down, she’s old. But I guess if Charles was my son I wouldn’t want him ruling either.”

Day 132 – The King George V Silver Jubilee Spoon

On this day in 1937, Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George of Windsor was crowned King George VI. His father, King George V, had passed away just 16 months prior, on January 20, 1936, and his brother, Edward, stepped up to take over. Edward’s reign ended when he decided to marry Wallace Warfield, a woman who had previously been divorced (gasp!)

But back to George and Edward’s father, (and Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather) King George V. He and his wife, Mary of Teck, were crowned King and Queen on May 6, 1910. This spoon commemorates their 25th Anniversary (or Silver Jubilee) in 1935, just a few short months before his death. Their profiles both appear at the top of the handle. 

George’s profile on this spoon could also easily pass for his first cousin, Tsar Nicholas of Russia (his mother, Alexandra of Denmark, was sister to Nicholas’ mother, Dagmar). 


The Russian monarchy was overthrown in 1917 and the entire family (yes, even Anastasia) was murdered in 1918 while in exile. If this spoon is haunted by anyone, it’s probably Tsar Nicholas.