Day 2 – The Lord Timothy Dexter Spoon

Y’all know my love of tacky souvenir spoons, right? If not, read on. I have a funny story to share.


I have a collection of more than 300 spoons from all over the world. Recently, I thought it might be fun to merge my family history and the souvenir spoon collection into one glorious hobby: Finding antique spoons from towns and cities where my ancestors lived.

I started with the town of Newburyport, Massachusetts, where my g-g-grandparents, William and Sarah (Bagley) Johnson lived. I didn’t think there was any event or person from Newburyport that could be particularly spoon-worthy, but was proven wrong when a “Newburyport” spoon showed up on Ebay.

I didn’t pay much attention to WHO was on the spoon until I got it in the mail. It has the name “Lord Timothy Dexter” above a jaunty looking fellow in a top hat with a cane.

Not familiar with who he is? Truth is stranger than fiction, so please take a moment to read about “Lord” Timothy. You will NOT be disappointed.