Day 76 – The Guinness Spoon

Beer doesn’t love me as much as I love beer, but on Saint Patrick’s Day, I do like to celebrate with a Guinness. It’s chock full of vitamins and minerals and helps you grow strong!

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Not sure how it works? Me either. Let’s read the directions on the packaging, shall we?

The GUINNESS Pouring Spoon is mainly used to prepare the following drinks:

  • Black and Tan (GUINNESS and Bass)
  • Half and Half (GUINNESS and Harp)
  • Black Velvet (GUINNESS and Champagne)

Pour the GUINNESS onto the back of the Pouring Spoon so that it “fans” out over the 2nd drink creating a dividing line between the two drinks.

Nope. Not helpful. And so many capital letters. I need visual aids. Luckily, someone made a video that shows how it works:

So there you go! The Guinness Pouring Spoon, ladies and gentlemen. Try serving your Black and Tan with the Irish O’reo Cookies. You won’t regret it.

Haunting Status: The Guinness Pouring Spoon is probably haunted by the term “Black and Tan”, which isn’t apparently used in Ireland. The layering of a stout over a lager is simply called “half and half”.