Day 140 – The 1939 Royal Tour of Canada Spoon

Chances are, if the British Royal Family traveled somewhere on official business, there’s a spoon dedicated to that trip. And if it has to do with British Royalty taking a trip to Canada, chances are I own a spoon for that.

In this case, it’s a spoon from King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s royal tour of Canada in 1939, one of my favourites.

From May 17 to June 15, 1939, the King and Queen toured every single Canadian province, plus the Dominion of Newfoundland, mostly by rail, except for June 7-11, when they made a quick detour to the States. 

This spoon has a beautiful enamel maple leaf at the top with silhouettes of George and Elizabeth, and reads “Canada 1939.” It needs polishing, too.