Day 200 – The Gloucester Spoon

40 years ago, while on a family trip to the east coast, I got my first souvenir spoon. 

It was July 19, 1977 and we were in Gloucester, Massachussets, visiting my Aunt Kit. My mother made me keep a daily diary of the trip, forcing…er…encouraging me to write SOMETHING every single day. 

Bless my mother’s heart, because without her constant pestering to record my thoughts about each and every day, I never would have ended up with this little gem: 

July 19, 1977

We went to visit Aunt Kit. I got a souvenir spoon. Gloscester [sic] is were [sic] we went.

You can’t really blame me for not being able to spell Gloucester. I probably couldn’t pronounce it, either. And the drawing of the spoon! So incredibly lifelike!

So here it is, in all its glory: the very first tacky souvenir spoon in my collection.