Day 210 – The Charles and Diana Wedding Spoon

On July 29, 1981, the whole world watched as the heir to the throne of England, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, married Lady Diana Spencer in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

And this mess of a spoon commemorates that event. Yes, those are portraits of the royal couple, most likely done in oil pastel on the back of a receipt and then shrunk down to fit on the top of the handle. One of a kind!

The back of the spoon gives all the vital details of the big event, juuuust in case you didn’t know who they were from their incredibly lifelike portraits on the front.

Fun Fact: Princess Diana’s train on her dress was 25 feet long—which about four Princess Dianas stacked end to end! 

Day 172 – The Teen Prince William Spoon

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m thankful that I did not have to suffer through having a photo of me during my awkward teenage years immortalized on a horrible, gold tone, electroplated souvenir spoon like poor Prince William, here. 

Through some fancy Google image searching, I managed to find the original photo they used at the top. It was taken at an August 16, 1997 photocall with his father, Prince Charles, and brother, Prince Harry, at the family’s residence in Balmoral, Scotland. William was 15 years old.
The spoon appears to commemorate the day of his birth, June 21, 1982. Happy Birthday, Wills!

Day 161 – The Exmoor Zoo Spoon

The Exmoor Zoo opened on a small farm in north Devon, in the southwest part of England in 1982. Originally known as “The Exmoor Bird Gardens,” they changed their name to “The Exmoor Animal and Bird Gardens” in 1995 and then “Exmoor Zoological Park” in 1997. It is now simply known as “Exmoor Zoo.”

This souvenir spoon from the zoo was probably manufactured in the last 20 years, given the shortened version of the name that appears under the profile of a parrot.

It’s quite possible that this spoon is haunted by the spirits of the zoo’s ten Humbolt Penguins—Buster, Newquay, Ludo, Percy, Lemmy, Truddle, Owlie, Blossom, Friendly and Arthur—all of whom died of avian malaria last fall. Rest in piece, little waddlers.