Day 212 – The Alaska Spoon (Jimmy Hoffa Edition)

Today’s spoon is a lovely little souvenir from Alaska, featuring a very poor representation of the state flag at the top. 

Why Alaska? Well, on this day in 1975, labor leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, never to be heard from again. And although there have been many theories about where his body may have ended up, it’s safe to say that he’s not in Alaska. 

Day 86 – The Seward’s Day Spoon

Happy Seward’s Day, Alaska! 

This legal state holiday, observed on the last Monday in March each year, takes its name from William H. Seward, who, as Secretary of State, negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia 150 years ago on March 30, 1867*. 

To celebrate Alaska’s sesquicentennial, here’s a spoon with a little enamel Alaska flag at the very top, courtesy of my mother-in-law, Margie, who still lives there.

*Seward’s Day should not be confused with Alaska Day, which marks the formal transfer of control of Alaska from Russia to the United States.