Day 11 – The Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Spoon

This spoon commemorates the 1897 diamond jubilee of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Victoria. There’s a bust of Vicky herself at the top, along with her family’s heraldic shield and colors, and a globe reading, “60 years prosperity to 360 million people” with the years of her reign (1837-1897) just below.

Near the bowl, there’s a British lion and the words “Diamond Jubilee 1897” appear horizontally above. On the back of the spoon, below the Queen’s crown, there’s a thistle (representing Scotland), a poorly drawn platypus (presumably for Australia?), and the name of the spoon manufacturer, Sterling Silver Company (which is sort of a lie, since the spoon is silver plate).

The bowl has an etching of the battleship H.M.S. Camperdown, which is weird, because why would you want to celebrate a vessel that, in 1893 collided with—and accidentally sunk—the H.M.S. Victoria, a battleship named after your queen?

For a spoon that turns 120 years old this year, it’s not showing too many signs of wear and absolutely no indication of being haunted.

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