Day 85 – The Cashmere, Washington Spoon

Today’s spoon is from Cashmere, Washington, the home of Aplets & Cotlets! I think I picked this up during a tour of the Liberty Orchards factory, where the state’s favorite candy is made.

If you don’t live in Washington State, you may not have even heard of Aplets & Cotlets, a candy similar to Turkish Delights, made from surplus apples and apricots. 

There have been a couple of failed efforts in our state legislature to declare Aplets & Cotlets the official candy of Washington State. Liberty Orchards was founded by Armenian immigrants in Cashmere in 1918, and the candy uses our state’s biggest crop as the main ingredient, argued supporters of the bill. But opponents felt that Almond Roca, made since 1914 by Brown & Haley in Tacoma, should earn the right to the title. And so, our state still lacks an official candy. Sad.