Day 92 – The Mount Manitou Incline Spoon

For a change today, I decided I’d just reach into the bag of spoons and pull one out. My random grab is a spoon from the Mt. Manitou Incline in Colorado.

The Incline used to be the site of a cable (or funicular) railway, which was built in 1907 to provide access to the hydroelectric plant and service pipes at the top of the mountain. Just after it opened, it was turned into a tourist attraction which was in service until 1990, when continual washouts along the track made the Incline too expensive to maintain and it was finally shut down. 

The Incline re-opened to the public in 2013 as a not-for-the-faint-of-heart hiking trail, where visitors can follow the path that the old railway used to take, experiencing a gain of 2,000 feet in less than less than a mile.