Day 183 – The Green Gables Spoon

I’m continuing to celebrate Canada today with a spoon from Prince Edward Island, which joined the Confederation on July 1, 1873, becoming the 7th Canadian province.

P.E.I. Holds a special place in my heart, since both sides of my great-grandfather’s family (The Campbells and McKenzies) came to the island from Scotland in 1775 and didn’t move stateside until the mid-1800s. 

Fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s book “Anne of Green Gables” will notice that the Green Gables farm is shown at the top of the spoon. 

The farm shown on this spoon belonged to John Campbell and Annie MacNeill Campbell, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s aunt and uncle. John was also my great grandfather Alexander Campbell’s half brother, which makes Lucy my 3rd cousin 3x removed. Or something like that. Family trees are confusing!

Anyway, Happy Canada Day to everyone in Park Corner!