Day 102 – The Marriott’s Great America Spoon

In 1976, the Marriott Company opened two amusement parks. One in Santa Clara, California and the other in Gurnee, Illinois, just north of Chicago, but both locations were called “Marriott’s Great Adventure”.

The Santa Clara location was sold off in 1983 and renamed “Great America”. The Gurnee park was purchased by Six Flags and renamed “Six Flags Great America” in 1984.

The spoon is just generic enough that I don’t know which park it was purchased from, but it was manufactured somewhere between 1976 and 1983. While Marriott may be known for nice hotels, their souvenirs from this era don’t seem to stand the test of time. The cheap plating in the bowl is bubbling up and peeling off…or is that because it’s haunted?