Day 111 – The Warwick Castle Spoon

England’s Warwick Castle (located in Warwickshire, natch) dates back to 1068, when William the Conqueror built a castle in this location. Warwick itself has been built upon and expanded many times over the centuries.

There have been 36 owners of the castle in its 950 year history, including King Henry III, VII, and VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and King James I. The castle is now owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments, who also own Legoland, the London Eye, and Madame Tussaud’s. 

Fun fact: The song “Daisy, Daisy” was written about Frances “Daisy” Greville, mistress of King Edward VI, and possibly his one true love. She was married to Francis Greville, the 5th Earl of Warwick, whose family owned and occupied Warwick Castle from 1604 – 1978.

The Warwick Castle Spoon also came to me from Kate and Michelle’s Awesome England and Ireland tour. Even though it’s pewter, there’s always a possibility for spirit attachment, given that it came from a place so rich in history.