Day 79 – The Nova Scotia Spoon

Get to know the great province of Nova Scotia, Canada using the map in the enameled bowl of this spoon.

I didn’t have time to come up with a fun fact about Nova Scotia, so my friend Dan, who is from Halifax, threw this one my way: 

Fun fact about Nova Scotia: the harbour in Halifax was made the second deepest in the world by, what was at the time the world’s largest, non nuclear, man-made explosion. A ship of munitions and a ship of nitro collided in the harbour in 1917, devasting the city. This explosion is the reason that Nova Scotia sends a Christmas tree to Boston every year. It was largely due to the efforts of the city of Boston that we had any relief during this tragedy.

According to the Halifax explosion entry on wikipedia: “For many years afterward, the Halifax Explosion was the standard by which all large blasts were measured. For instance, in its report on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Time wrote that the explosive power of the Little Boy bomb was seven times that of the Halifax Explosion.”